saffron & LOVE

A unique experience for your senses

Here you can buy the best saffron from La Mancha with Protected Designation of Origin, traditionally cultivated and with a lot of love. Dare to taste its authentic quality, and you will fall in love with its intense and clean red colour, its unique flavour, bitter but exquisite at the same time, and its concentrated aroma. It will bring excellence to all dishes and gastronomic creations that contain it.

Azafrán hilo rojo lata


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Weight:  50gr | 15 gr | 10 gr | 5 gr

How to use: Crush the strands in a mortar and dilute in the stew when adding water or broth for cooking. You can also make an infusion with some boiling water and let it rest for at least an hour. For each portion use 3-4 strands.

Ideal to be used as a condiment in rice dishes, stews, meats, fish or sauces, or to be taken as an infusion and benefit from its medicinal properties.

Conservation: Keep in a dry place and protected from light.