Saffron & LOVE

Saffron from La Mancha,
Protected Designation of Origin

About us

Hilo ROJO & Love is born from the desire to want to bring to all people those delicacies that the earth gives us, in particular the so-called “red gold” or saffron.
We were inspired by the Japanese legend of the Red Thread, which tells that there is an old man who lives on the moon, and every night comes out and unites with a red thread those soul mates who are destined to be together, and in a way this is what we intend… metaphorically speaking.

About Saffron

It is considered the most expensive spice and the only one capable of conquering sight, smell and taste at the same time and with equal intensity. Its intense red color, its fresh aroma, and its unmistakable sweet and bitter taste at the same time make it unique.
Obtaining it requires a complicated process of traditional craftsmanship, without being able to apply any kind of automation, it needs the hand of man to be obtained in each of its phases.


Being such a valuable product, the market is full of counterfeits that are difficult to recognize at first glance. Only 10% of the saffron that exists in the world is of high quality, and that of La Mancha origin is considered one of the best in the world, so we offer the best, ours, the authentic Saffron from La Mancha with Protected Designation of Origin.


Our product is packaged on demand, so as not to lose an ounce of quality.
From the producer to your home, avoiding intermediaries.
All our containers have a security seal to avoid any type of manipulation, being evident in the container in such a case.
Our formats have been designed always taking into account the quality of the product, so for large quantities our containers are opaque, as light deteriorates the quality of the product.